Losing Weight, Getting Fit and Maintaining the Results

Even more important than losing the extra weight and the hardest part of getting fit is probably maintaining your results. It does not have to be so complicated. my thought is that people get caught up in foods that have become forbidden. Being in a rush to the goal is also a barrier.  People get very caught up in extreme dieting and exercise that is not sustainable. Inevitably you get sick of working out six to seven days a week. You cave in and overeat all the foods you have been denying yourself. This is not because you are weak. It is because you are human. Once you understand the psychological factors at work you can keep yourself from falling into the traps they create. You can cut out foods for a short period in the beginning until you start seeing some results. Then hopefully this is motivation to continue working toward the goal. Always allow yourself the foods you love. Life is not worth living if you take away the things you enjoy the most. It is a fact that if you lose weight slowly it increases your chances of keeping it off. Exercise should be something you enjoy not the latest fad. If you like to walk, then walk. When you opt for quick results that is what you get results that also reverses with extra pounds quickly. Just take it slow give up one bad habit at a time. If you drink soda try to stop. If you eat simple processed carbs from the snack machine at work every afternoon try swapping out with veggies and hummus. Start slowly with activity if you have been inactive. Walk or work on your balance with some yoga poses. Maybe work on getting some better range of motion in your joints. It is also smart to work on stability and your core before even thinking about things like muscle definition on your arms, etc. Low impact first, slowly add more resistance as in weight or resistance bands. Very slowly add impact. By this I mean both feet off the ground at any time is a 10 and only one foot off the ground at any given time is a 1-9 depending on the tempo. A slow jog may be fine if you have been walking at a quick pace for a while and you are ready for something more challenging. DON’T rush yourself or get convinced by all the very available crazy training videos online or on TV ads. You may get that fit, but it is not necessary or realistic. Most of these people have been training for MANY years and are under 30.  Besides this is their occupation. They need to be at the top of their game. As for us mere mortals we should be after quality of life, injury prevention and happy balance. Insane training and overly restrictive diets are going to make you unhappy! I highly recommend these articles. These are real stories about success and smart ways to achieve it. I would love to have the opportunity to hear your opinions or have a more focused conversation about your fitness goals. Please comment or contact me.

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